Monday, 27 December 2010

Charity begins at home

It is said that virtue is its own reward, however I certainly felt rewarded this afternoon, in a wholly special way. We had planned on visiting a number of sick and elderly friends, variously house- and hospital-bound. My wife was a few minutes behind me in being ready so I thought ‘why not wait by the car’ rather than moan in the living room.

I had spent a bit of time this morning gazing out of the window, between paperwork you understand, in the hopes of something flying by, with little to show for it, both in productivity and fly bys.

So there I was standing by the car thinking how quiet it was but how nice it would be if a group of Waxwings were to fly over, when I picked up a small flock of birds low to the South-west coming my way, they just looked slightly different to Starlings and so I stepped off the front step, the better to see them, when all of a sudden ‘sirrrr’ hit my ears. Result, 7 Waxwings on the house list (#104) and only 24 days since I added them to my patch list.

Now if only I can get some on the deck.


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