Sunday, 13 February 2011

There's a drink in it

14th February is the anniversary of the last new addition to the Walthamstow patch list, Dusky Warbler. So I thought it would be fun to have a small competition to guess the next addition.

To dissuade some random person claiming a new species just for the kudos I have made one small prerequisite – it must be multi-observed. This doesn’t mean we (or more likely the LNHS rarities committee) won’t accept a single observer record; you just won’t get the prize; A bottle of wine to the person who guesses correctly. Of course the finder will get a bottle too!

Each person can submit three possibilities, you will probably want to check ‘The List’ to see what has already occurred, send your choices here:

I will collate the entries and post the results in a couple of weeks, in the event of a tie I will figure out what to do, for what it’s worth here are my top three:

Lesser Scaup
Temminck's Stint
Red-necked Phalarope


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