Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday 16th

I had a wander around the marshes (Walthamstow) this morning. I found the Little Owl okay in the tree next to (i.e. West of) the one with the bird box . I noticed that I couldn't see it from the concrete plinth by the bridge as a bough of the bird box tree was in the way, but could by going back along the path. It was on one of it's favoured perches.

Next up were a couple of Wheatears on the large paddock. Also a good few Linnets at the top end before the railway. Botanising took over next as Early Forget-me-not is out in the dell and along the stony bank at the back of Coppermill Fields.

On North Marsh there were a couple of Sedge Warblers, one by the railway in full song. Then I searched for and found Adder's-tongue Fern. Overall there are lots of Whitethroats in now but I didn't hear any Willow Warblers. I hope there's at least one around still.

Dave Miller

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