Sunday, 4 September 2011

Come On! Irene!

I mean, give us something!

The remnants of Hurricane Irene passed through the patch this morning and early afternoon. I passed through the patch mid afternoon with about as much impact. The only thing of note was 1 Whinchat still in the bomb crater field, though even that went to ground as soon as one of the local Kestrels appeared. There were precious few Passerines on the Waterworks N.R. or the marsh and it appears from reports that the reservoir watchers fared much the same.

Perhaps this week’s generally unsettled weather will deliver us something though it is hard to see what on predominantly Westerly winds. Walthamstow is not renowned for its Yank Wader record, 1 Pectoral Sandpiper ever. At the moment its not renown for any Wader records to speak of.

It is looking like a bit more stormy weather may be on the way next week too.

Come on Katia!

On this date:

04 09 89 Lockwood; 7 Common and 1 Green Sandpipers, 1-3 Whinchat, 2 Wheatear and many Yellow Wagtail.

04 09 90 1 Swift, 1 Swallow and many other Hirundines over. 20+ Yellow Wagtails, a Wheatear and 1 Common Tern.


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