Thursday, 27 October 2011

...Ate a Hearty Breakfast

....and then went outside for some fresh air, but sadly the new nose is not working (yet). If you’ve wondered what happened to Michael Jackson’s old nose, and surely we all have, I think it has just been grafted onto my face, it’s certainly darker and broader than it used to be, added to that it’s filled with lots of stuff you really don’t want to know about!

The fresh air was not the only thing lacking, no migration was taking place this morning, the sky was as grey and miserable as my face so I packed it in and went upstairs to do some paperwork and window gazing, immediately 4 Mistle Thrushes and a couple of Finches flew past.

If you were worried that the lack of a blog entry yesterday meant I had slipped away under the surgeon’s knife on Tuesday, fear not (and thanks for all the cards, calls and chocolates that I assume are still stuck in the post) it was more to do with adding Shore Lark to my London list which took considerably longer than it ought due to not being able to drive and therefore having to get two lifts, two buses, 2 DLR’s and 2 Tube trains and having to return to site after dipping in the morning. Amazingly I felt fine until I got home to Nurse W’s stern ticking off, something about irresponsibility etc. etc. and the three things I now have to stick up my nose (and finger is not one of them).

I was planning an assault on the patch this afternoon but the assault on my face has put paid to that one today, I think I’ll just go and have some Chicken Soup and carry on looking out of the window.


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