Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Started with a Skylark

I begin todays walk at the waterworks. As I crossed the bridge I heard a skylark, looked up and watched it fly north. Patch year tick for me and the patch i think. There were 17 stock doves feeding in the fenced off area. A singing Linnet in "nature garden" and a mixie rabbit along with many baby rabbits. A water rail called from bed 17 but no cettis.

The front paddocks held five species of thrush and the Little Egret was basically feeding on by the road side!

The Marshes were quiet. I hopped over the fence and checked Res' (Hoping for Medgull) There is so much work going on. No scaup, no wigeon that I could see.  However both the Warricks and the Lockwood had low water levels!  Worth checking for waders. No such luck today, but pied and grey wags were enjoying the exposed mud.

A pair of Golden eye were on the Lockwood.

Oh and this strangely plumaged Reed Bunting, had me going for abit, Seemed pale, funny mask, wouldn't call and refused to show it self nicely at first,

JP @jarpartridge

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