Sunday, 20 September 2015

Someone turned the tap off

           After two days of counting hirundines in the hundreds and even thousands, the migration simply stopped dead today over the reservoirs. It took me over two hours before I saw a pair of Swallows over the Lockwood - the only two I saw all day. They may be a potential split for bad time-keeping. House Martin migration was even less with the sole birds seen a couple of likely breeders over the filter beds. .
      I did manage to hear and see three Meadow Pipits going south and re-find the two Spotted Flycatchers on the Lea channel by the side of Lockwood which this time had the decency to hang around for Lol to walk round to see them. We couldn't find anything else on a short walk in the sunshine around East Warwick and up the central path - not a Common Tern nor single Common Sandpiper all day. Still it was an Indian Summer-style day and we may not have many more to enjoy.


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