Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pea Soup

I traveled in style up to the reservoirs to see what it looked like in the mist.

I passed the misty marshes on the way.

At the reservoirs, the fog was thick and atmospheric.

Along the Lockwood...

and from out of the pea soup…

… another patcher did appear.

Between us, a pipit flew up from the Lockwood bank. Lol picked out its singular ‘viisst’ call making it a Rock Pipit. Meadow Pipits give a burst of ’ist, ist, ist’ type calls. Something I didn’t know. Thanks, Lol - especially since I’d never seen one on the patch before. 

A walk around Lockwood produced:

Two Stonechats

A Batman Cormorant

A Common Sandpiper

And a Green Sandpiper (with smaller pied wagtail to right for size reference)

 On the East Warwick a small party of Wigeon mingled.

I checked the log book at the office and interestingly, Pete noted he had had Brambling calling overhead earlier in the morning.

The Rock Pipit takes my Walthamstow list to a nice round #130.  

Thanks, Lol.

Tufties (in pea soup)


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