Wednesday, 27 October 2010

(B) ramblings

There are Waxwings around, some were in Chigwell on Monday, Jono called me yesterday, as I arrived at work, to say some had just flown over his house, Mark texted me to say some had flown over Stoke Newington this afternoon.

It was not that I wasn't looking, today I spent a fair bit of time checking out every Starling that passed within range of the house. The only thing of note was a very brief White Wagtail which landed on the nearby factory roof. Anyway Mark's text (thanks) sent me back up to the back of the house for another look. He had said that they were going South-east but a quick check of the map meant that they would surely miss my house....bit of a long shot anyway, but I digress. As I scanned the horizon a distant flock of 16 Finches bounded past. They were not Chaff/Green/Gold Finches so they were something good, if I had to put money on them I would have said Brambling.

I had intended to go over to Walthamstow this morning/afternoon but it was after 15:30 before I got out. As I walked down Coppermill Lane and looked over No.5 reservoir I clapped eyes on a flock of a dozen or so Finches on the large island that looked 'interesting' the scope was deployed and lo, they were Brambling. I wonder if they were the same ones? A patch year tick after missing one/some on the Horse field last winter.

A flyover Redpoll sp. on the marsh was also good. A few Tit flocks refused to give up any 'scarce' let alone 'rare.'

I have seen or heard Ring-necked Parakeets in a few places on the patch this year but assumed they were just a few wandering birds but today I had Ring-necked Parakeet near No.5 reservoir, by the Ice Rink and on the Pitch'n'Putt course. I think they are here in strength now. (still yet to see one from the house, heard only tick).


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