Saturday, 22 January 2011

Eider Ho!

As stated in an earlier blog entry, I am not patch listing this year. So there I am finishing a late lunch/early dinner in favour of wasting my time on such a cold, quiet patch (see yesterdays entry) when an email appears from Dave D-L that Pete had just had an Eider on No.5.

Pffhh! I thought, I’m o.k. with that, followed by, why didn’t I do the reservoirs yesterday instead of the marsh, followed by “I’ll have my Coffee in a minute”.....

.....Twenty minutes later I was drinking my Coffee, having scooted down to Coppermill Lane and viewed the female Eider exactly where Pete had left it on, the Western side of No.5. Result. I last saw Eider on the patch just over 13 years ago, so a very welcome reacquainting.

Following the recent series of horrible blurry images I am thankful that Pete gave me one of his images to use:

On this date:

22 01 91 4 Goosander [2 mm ] and 6 Goldeneye [3 mm] on Walthamstow.

22 01 10
No sign, again, of the Bittern at Walthamstow, which duly appeared 20 minutes after my departure.


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