Friday, 21 January 2011

Slim Pickings

Lol was talking a lot about Slim Pickens today, I assumed it was a thespian reference but in retrospect I think he might have been dissing the patch!

To be fair it was quiet......and cold, quiet and cold. We were discussing the blog and he suggested that it would be the usual list of what we didn’t see today, the cheek of it, sure we didn’t see Snipe or Little Owl or Brambling or Yellowhammer or.....hold on he was right!

On a more positive note I managed to add a few patch year ticks, but that should not be too difficult in January. Water levels are very high, both on the marsh and in the Lea overflow channel which is not surprising given the recent snow and rain, conversely bird activity was very low.


It was somewhat muddy on the marsh, and the Cows have churned it up a bit too, still nice to see them doing their bit for conservation.

The most tantalising record this afternoon was a ‘tristis’ sounding Chiffchaff in the Horseshoe Thicket by the marina, sadly despite searching no views were had at all, very frustrating. There was also a typical ‘collybita’ calling nearby which also refused to show. The only other Siberian Chiffchaff I have seen on the marsh (in 2004) was also in the same thicket and did not give itself up easily. I will be back, hopefully so will it.


On this date: 21 01 88 Female Ferruginous Duck and male Ruddy Duck on East Warwick.

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