Friday, 11 March 2011

Moving On

I approached the Waterworks with lightness in my step this morning, optimistically hoping for an early Sand Martin, a passing Buzzard or even a Red Kite, sadly my steps became more leaden as I saw 50 primary school children had arrived in front of me.

I’m all for educating children in the delights of the natural world but Not On My Patch Thank You, (I hope that doesn’t make me the first of the NOMPTY’s!) still, moving on I quickened my pace and reckoned I had just a few minutes before they all arrived in the hides and flushed everything. Would it be possible to check all the beds before they got here? Yes, but only because there was nothing to make me linger!

A lone Snipe and a handful of Duck were all there was to be seen. Then I remembered what my targets for the day were and looked up to the skies. I reckon this is Walthamstow’s best bit of habitat, there is always something flying over. In fact at home it is probably my only bit of habitat. A couple of groups of Gadwall moved North, surely a sign of Spring. A Meadow Pipit followed them but no Hirundines or Raptors hove into view.

Across the road, around the riding stables it would appear that the Fieldfares may have moved on too, just a few Redwings scurried around the paddocks. A lone Little Owl stood vigil outside its roost hole but even that had moved on (or in) a couple of minutes later. They really are hit and miss here.

This afternoon I joined Lol up on the Lockwood but, apart from a couple of Northward bound Meadow Pipits, we had little success. I went on to do the Southern sector and happened on my first patch Reed Buntings of the year, moulting males feeding on the bank of the East Warwick. There was no sign of the Fieldfares at the bottom of No.5, maybe they have moved on as well.

I tried my luck with Wednesdays Cetti’s Warbler, a quick burst of Cetti’s Warbler call from the iphone and it called back straight away, but that was it and nothing more for the next 30 minutes, no wonder it hasn’t been picked up in the first part of the year if that’s all it does.

On this date: 11 03 91 Two female Scaup still on the West Warwick, an almost full summer-plumaged adult Mediterranean Gull on No. 4 and 3 Skylarks over. Also a Goldcrest and a number of Fieldfares & Redwings.


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