Friday, 25 March 2011

Waxwing lyrical

Another cracking spring day, and I finally got my long-awaited reward in the form of a group of 8 stunning Waxwings, first brought to my attention with their soft trilling contact calls (had the office window open), as they sat in a tree a few gardens down from mine before taking off low over 'my' row of houses & soon after relocated a bit further up the Billet Road feeding on a cherry tree laden with fruit. Typically, they allowed a close approach and I was able to take a few record snaps - they will no doubt be back as there's still a lot of fruit here.
Really delighted to have caught up with these little beauts on the patch at long last, as time must surely be running out before they return to their more northerly breeding grounds. An invasion of this winter's magnitude is a rare event indeed, and we may well have to wait several years before the next one.

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  1. The date of the sighting was actually Thursday 24th (posted after midnight) LB ;o)