Saturday, 17 January 2015

Aiming low and almost missing

I did not have high hopes for today. Catching up with a few of the species recorded on the reservoirs which I have missed - and perhaps adding a mega to the patch list like a Wigeon. It was, however, slow going. No sign of Green Sandpiper, Pheasant or even distant Jackdaws on the north reservoirs, just the drake Scaup dozing at the south end of Lockwood and two Goldeneye and a female Goosander at the top.  Two more Goosander flew up to and from Banbury.

            It was not much better once I crossed the road. I did flush a Snipe off West Warwick which was new - and given recent posts did cheer me up - and re-found the two immature drake Scaup on East Warwick. The Scaup seem to be moving around to keep us awake which is probably just as well.

           No 5 held five Goldeneye (there was another on West Warwick)  and two Common Sandpipers. It looked as if Snipe was going to be the only new bird until I heard Fieldfare and found six on the east bank of No 4. Still not much of a reward for seven hours. Even the Kingfishers were far less showy than usual while BE didn't find a single Shoveler on his WEBS count - and neither did I.
DB @porthkiller

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