Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bobbing About

Somehow, I convinced my better half a visit to the reservoirs would be a nice way to spend the morning together. 

We headed for Lockwood first. At the bottom of Lockwood there was a flurry of juvenile pied wags and many juvenile black-headed gulls. Actually, that's pretty much the long and short of it for the day - juveniles of all our patch species everywhere.  There were 3 common sandpipers and a kingfisher at the top of Lockwood. 

(distant) Common Sandpiper
Grey Wagtail
The overflow chanel was very low too, but held nothing of interest. 

En route to East Warwick, we spent a a bit of time appreciating the blue damselflies, banded demoiselles and the funky-punky red-eyed damselflies. 

Red-eyed Damselfy
Red-eyed next to a Common Blue Damselfy
Over EW, a smattering of sand martins could be heard and there were a group of loafing common terns basking at the top end banks. A lone common sandpiper worked its way up the east bank.

Common Tern
Then we went to the Ferry Boat Inn. I painted a coot and she painted an apple.


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