Saturday, 11 July 2015

while at the north end...

While Graham was at the waterworks, I was resuming my acquaintance with the reservoirs after a month off. I was early enough to see find six Little Egrets including four juveniles on the weir by the Ferry Boat Inn. They were still in the hedge on my way back which gave the beer garden - I suspect for the first time - a Mediterranean flavour. The only sign of the hoped-for wader migration on Lockwood where two Common Sandpipers at the north end and three flushed by a fisherman from the south shore on the way back which probably included the first pair. Later, two Lapwing flew high towards Tottenham with a third shortly low over me going towards No 5. I suspect all three might have been disturbed by the ranger driving around West Warwick.
           Around 350 Tufted Ducks have already made it back to Lockwood with another 100 on No 4 while Low Maynard seemed to be the reservoir of choice for Pochard. The breeding season, however, was also still in full swing. Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Song Thrush and Reed Warbler remain in song while there were parties of young Shelduck on Lockwood and No 3 where there was also a family party of Pochard. Three pairs of Common Tern appear to be in residence on one of the rafts on Lockwood.
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