Wednesday, 21 April 2010

What's your Flava?

Looked out of the back window at just the right time this morning, to see a Yellow Wagtail bounding North, fairly low, towards Walthamstow Reservoirs. I am glad it wasn't a house, patch or year tick as the views were not the best. Having said that it was only my second from the house, the first was a calling, Southbound autumn migrant at least fifteen, possibly as much as twenty five, years ago. They were possibly still breeding on Walthamstow Marsh back in those days along with Snipe and Skylark, the latter bird I did not even record on the patch in 2009...we now have Little Egrets, Egyptian Geese and Ring-necked Parakeets, plus ca change!

I wonder what subspecies the Yellow Wag was? Given the possible Spanish Wagtail on the KG V yesterday it could have been anything, probably best not to claim anything outlandish on a rapidly dissappearing rear end view:-) Flavissima it is then.

PW (with apologies to Craig David)

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