Sunday, 16 November 2014

Birders Unite


There seems to be a quite a few of us working the patch these days and most of us have met each other a few times. So I wondered if we might do what they do over in Wanstead - run a group blog where we all have the log in details and can all contribute to a community blog about our patch. Anybody who has the log in details is free to add features to the blog as they wish - add pages for videos, photographs, documents and such like. I don't plan for this to be 'my' blog; I'm just trying to get something started. I see it being 'our' blog.

I hope you guys like the idea.




  1. Hi Graham,

    I've only just moved to the area, but would it be possible to send me the log in details so that I can contribute to this blog? My email is Thanks, Adam

    1. Hi Adam,

      David DMd me about this. It's great to have another birder on the blog.

      I emailed you with the log in details.

      Hopefully bump into you soon.