Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fergie Time

Hopes of catching up with Jonathan's Green Sandpiper yesterday paid off when two flew up briefly from the overflow channel and landed at the top end of High Maynard - my first for the year on the reservoirs on my last visit of 2014. A Common Sandpiper did the same trick which means that I am going to have to alter my usual route and walk round the east side of High Maynard in future. Thirty-odd Teal were around the islands but I thought I had dipped out on Goosander until three flew north over Lockwood and clearly landed on Banbury. Not sure where they are coming from but don't think it is the reservoirs themselves. Two Chiffchaffs enjoyed the sunshine on the west side of Lockwood. There was no sign of the Scaup again on No 4 but the log book said it had appeared on Lockwood at 4pm yesterday so I went back to make sure I had not missed it. I hadn't but did find a pair of Goldeneye which hid from me first time round. So it is clearly still in the area but now more mobile as the Prof predicted.  Just in case anyone intended to make an early start on the 2015 Year List. I was told the reservoirs are closed on New Year's Day.
DB  @porthkillier

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  1. That is a shame. Guessing the waterworks will be closed too. Looks like New Year's Day's birding will have to be spent on the marshes then. (must remember to pack pedigree chum and a shotgun) GH