Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Great EScaup *

Arrived to meet John W walking away from No 4 who told me he'd just had the drake Scaup - asleep as usual - but when he returned to photograph it, the bird had disappeared. We had another look but there was no sign. He continued round the southern reservoirs and I went across the road.

It was slow going with just 22 Teal on High Maynard until I got to the north end of Lockwood where the Scaup was just off the east bank with a few Tufties. It spent most of the time with its bill tucked away but did wake long enough to swim past me. Apart from two Goldeneye (Adam W had four in the afternoon) and a Sparrowhawk soaring, the only other record of any note were 25 noisy Magpies together in the trees in the top field.

The Scaup was still there when I looked across the reservoir from the west side but, by the time I got to the south end, I couldn't see it. Sure enough, I found it again back on No 4. Which, considering it spends its entire time asleep, is a pretty neat trick. It was still there in the late afternoon.

DB @porthkillier      * with thanks to the Prof for the headline ....if thanks is the right word


  1. Is it possible we've got two birds?

    (Great blog title by the way😀)

  2. I don't think so. Both times it seemed to have disappeared. Just has a stealth flight mode...