Monday, 13 April 2015


Yes it's the 3rd Annual Walthamstow Patch Watch

This year it will be on Sunday 26th April. Last year we went off a week later and were hampered by a lack of migrants, so we are moving it back to April and see what happens.

The attached list has all the species we recorded during AWPW1 & AWPW2. I reckon the species on the left are pretty much a given as long as you cover a reasonable section of the lower (Marsh) and upper (Reservoirs) parts of the patch. The Green highlighted species ought to be seen if you are fairly diligent; by the time you get to the Amber highlighted species you will have to make a bit more effort and the Red highlighted species will need a degree of luck on the day. Of course there may well be all sorts of additional species on the day -that's the fun!

If you are not doing so already, follow some/all of us on Twitter for live breaking news on the day, share your sightings either on Twitter or post them to the London Wiki site. Get the news out quickly if at all possible so that we can chase any special birds.

Finally if you are unable to join in on the day we would appreciate any scouting you may be able to do on the previous day or two.

See you there.

Walthamstow Birders

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