Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Thats the way the Rookie crumbles...

Having been booked into work for the next month or so, My only time for birding is between the hours of 6-8am. So i intend to hit the patch each morning and find excellent birds.

This morning i climbed the fence at the waterworks having checked for ring ouzel on the pitch and putt, surprisingly the parakeets are still roosting here with up to c150 birds present this morning.

There were about five male common white throats present, three willow warblers and many more blackcaps including three females. There seem to be 2 maybe 3 cettis still. One was quite showy and appeared to be carrying nesting material along the hedgerow just before the hides.  A high flying, suspicious looking corvid caught my eye and turned out to be a Rook, and was followed by another, calling and headed SE,  new one for the patch year list 2015. 

A single reed warber was singing like mad in the reedbed with the chanel. I also had a common lizard under a corrugated iron sheet a few days ago, FYI

JP - @jarpartridge

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