Friday, 17 April 2015


the re edit....

(I've just returned home from a hungover day at work and re read the blog post for this and shouldnt never write after that many drinks again. It was the scrawlings of a mad man... apologies, i suppose i was celebrating!)

I was on the patch at 6.10am , It was slightly foggy but clearing quick. I was hoping for ring ousel really, but flushed a stunning Hoopoe from the first sand bunker on the pitch and putt. It flew high and between the large poplars, and i managed these record shots. I then lost it and re found it again in the same spot.

I was shaking, but put out the news and a few lucky people came and got a glimpse after i'd left.

A day to remember and im thouroughly pleased with myslef.

JP - @jarpartridge


  1. That is fantastic, Jamie! Nice work! - GH

  2. Just epic local birding JP. Amazing! Just wish I'd seen your inebriated version of events!!