Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autumn has finally (red)started! (Cheesey birders title)

apologies for brief post and dark rubbish photos, gotta be somewhere in a sec!

The Waterworks held at least 4 Spotted Flycatchers, feeding in bed 13, where the Garganey continued to show well.

The whole place was covered in Willow warblers!

A visit to the paddocks/ marshes was made worth while as a bright Male Common Redstart flew from the lea nav side towards the lower marsh. Stopping briefly in the line of bushes either side of the main path. A Brief (as always with this species on the patch for me) but cool result as other sites all over London have been swimming in the things for a week or so now... I spent a while trying to re locate the bird with the help of GH but no luck. hopefuly there will be more before long.

Perhaps 200 house martins flew over south at once... and a handful of swifts followed later. Oh als my first Wheatear of the autumn was in the padddocks.



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