Sunday, 1 November 2015


With Dense fog and plans to go to the coast quashed, I headed to the patch after a lazy morning.
Hoping that something lost in the fog would get found, by me.

Visibility was very bad up on the Lockwood, but i noticed a small goose standing on the east bank, scoped it and saw it was a barnacle. As my presence led to the flushing of ducks and gulls around the bird it too flew up to the grass top of the bank and then ran/flew down to the new path and joined some Canada Geese.

I 've seen a feral Baracle on the patch before but not for a few years, its abit annoying that it was a Brent or something thats likely to be wild but it will do.  With Feral populations dotted about the south east and a single bird, im not feeling confident that its wild of course, but you never know...

I put the news out but it had vanished by the time paul had arrived. However we continued up to the top of the Lockwood and luckily heard a coal tit that ended up in the ashes on the Lockwood side of the channel. Views were fleeting and hard to see if the bird was a continental 'Ater' type or not for sure but most likely. A real rare bird on the patch.

Two skylarks north and three lapwing flew over south, plenty of goldcrests about too. and three Cettis warblers.


Pete Lambert refound the barnie on no 4 so might be here to stay 

Belated news: I found a Firecrest on the waterworks in the rain the other day. Just goes to show that birding in bad weather pays off.


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