Monday, 16 November 2015

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

11:00 After being banished from ‘The Patch’ Pete L finds the dastardly ‘Mandarin’ tucked in on the Lea to the South-west of the Lockwood. 1:0

11:10 Pete L texts out the gen.

11:11 Text is re-tweeted to the selfless group known only as ‘The Patchmen’, dedicated to making sure that no bird escapes being seen on ‘The Patch’.

12:15 First on the scene are the ‘Silversurfers’, Killierman & Profman but it looks like our foe has given them the slip. 1:1

12:45 Profman has other fish to fry but Killierman is not going to let this one go and pursues the quarry (whisper it) off Patch and into Mad Max Land (brave lad), and is almost thwarted when the supervillain tries to give him the slip and flies off toward the Lockwood, a classic mistake allowing Killierman to add this elusive tick to his Walthamstow list. 2:1

12:46 Killierman has the news on Twitter before you can say ‘I flushed it!’

12:47 AMWman & LVman aka ‘The Yoof’ arrive to provide backup though it’s not looking good, the bird has flown.

12:48 All is not lost, it would appear. Mike M & JWDman spot our adversary trying to slip into the Waterworks unnoticed, and, despite certain technological challenges, the news is out, Profman is soon on the scene and the bird is in the bag. 5:1

13:50 ‘The Yoof’ pitch up and our boy is nailed good and proper. 7:1

So ‘Mandarin’, it looks like the tables were turned this time. We know you’ll be back sometime but be warned, wherever scarce birds turn up on ‘The Patch’ the ‘Patchmen’ will be waiting…

In other news a Mandarin Duck was found on the reservoirs late this morning before re-locating to the Waterworks. It is the first on the patch since the eclipse drake that turned up in August 2011, leaving around a month later in its full breeding finery.

PW @birdingprof

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