Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Scaupmeister does it again

We had an excellent last winter for Scaup with, I think, five birds in total but one of the most remarkable features was that all were found by Pete L. It became such an embarrassment that when Graham and I were searching through the Tufted flocks yesterday, we joked that there was no point bothering as he was not with us.
    Sure enough, Pete sent out a message this morning saying he had found a drake Scaup on No 4. I scooted up and there is was in pretty much the same place as the first drake bird had been found last winter on the slightly later date of December 11. It spent, as usual, most of its time asleep but did wake up enough to show its bill which looked fine for a pure bird and, despite my pics, the head did have a nice green tinge. A low flying helicopter spooked the flock off No 4 later with some seemingly flying to the Warwicks but I could not find it - or anything else - with the Tufties when I walked round them so it may have returned. Pete earlier had a Common Sandpiper and two Goldeneye on No 4 as well as the Barnacle Goose.

DB @porthkiller

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