Thursday, 14 April 2016


            I have had to watch with envy from a distance how well the patch has been doing in recent weeks - and with few chances for visits the rest of this month, when I woke early I  decided on a quick trot round Lockwood before work. Having got halfway round on a beautiful morning and seen nothing, I was kicking myself for not choosing to visit the Warwicks instead. But a female Wheatear right at the top end, a rather comical Pheasant running towards me and two Barnacle Geese flying south cheered me up a little.

          I was watching the Wheatear which had moved to the west bank when I looked at the assorted Coots and Mallard feeding halfway down and, to my astonishment, saw an Oystercatcher with them. I took a couple of very long-ranged pics and turned back to walk the way I had came only for it to fly off leisurely and low with a single peep towards the south. I did not have time to check whether it had landed on the Warwicks but did hear and briefly glimpse my first Sedge Warbler of the year by the weir. And I was only a little late for work......

DB @porthkillier

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