Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Passage Wagtails

So far this year, there's been a decent passage of Wagtails, with nearly double figures of Whites, and many more Yellows going through daily

I noticed the below female type yesterday on the rear paddocks, It wasnt till a friend pointed out it was similar to other possible female Blue Headed (Flava) Wagtails being discussed on Twitter that evening that i looked into it.  Poor shots due to distance and cropping etc

It Shows; blue-grey hues in the head,  pale centered ear coverts (only just) and extensive pale throat. The prominent eye stripe isn't as bold in front of the eye however but is certainly showing traits of Blue Headed Wag... You can thank me now for not titling this blog post "Whats your Flava?" or something similar.

Here are some White Wagtails from the past couple of weeks;

2 Males together

Adult Male White Wagtail

First Summer Female White Wagtail

Different individual males, variable grey 'wash' in the flanks.


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