Friday, 11 March 2016

Happy Ending

My wishes came true in my "Last" gull trip of the season. For the past couple of months ive been really concentrating on the places where gulls gather on the patch, and basically ignoring anything else.  I just really really like them.

With a few nice yellow legged gulls of different ages but no new caspians i was happy but not completely fulfilled and ready to move onto summer migrants, until yesterday. This 2nd calender year bird was happily feeding and perching up in choice spots around the tip and even sat on the 'close roof' allowing almost good photos to be taken. 

Its pretty bleached and worn, nicely moulted in the inner greater and median coverts... leggy brute/beauty!

Im sure its not the bird from earlier this year and after staring at images for hours, im not unconvinced its not the bird i had in the same place in December.

sorry about the mix of camera and phone scoped images.


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