Sunday, 27 March 2016

Siberian Chiffchaff

Apologies for the slightly belated report. last week as I was leaving the waterworks in a hurry i thought i heard sibe chffy singing. The occasional chiffy note mixed into a complex warble. i had no time to locae the bird so the following day I spent an hour looking and eventually clocked it.

Brown and buff bird, with buff (not yellow)  supercillium.  A 'tabacco' or rusty tone to the ear coverts, very black legs, and the greeny olive tones only in the wing and tail.

I heard it sing a few more times but not call. the following morning paul and i looked for the bird, We saw another pale interesting looking bird but from photos it has none of the other sibe features and heard the sibe singing faintly.  I was disapointed to not hear it call. As stuart rightly pointed out call and features must be present and correct for safe ID.

I had told my friend Tony Butler about the bird, he had found a sibe chiffy at stokenewington resevoirs a few years back. Fortunatley he came down and heard my bird call at least three times , a high pitched squeak almost dunnock like, whilst intereacting wth other collybita chiff chaffs.


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