Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sand Martin, LRP...and YLG

Lol called me from across the Lockwood saying he and pete had a Little ringed plover. I scoped it from my side whilst looking at the Gulls on the west bank.  I later flushed one from the top north west edge, i assume it was the same bird, it flew south but wasn't seen again.  First for the year!

A single sand martin flew over my head, followed by another two. They seemed to stick around and feed high over the high maynard.  Its always so up-lifting to see birds return in spring.
The weather is set to imrpove at the end of the week and i think the winds are due to swing southerly which brings me a great big lump of optimism.

Ive ordered a new camera set up so you can say good bye to strange shots like the above, and hello to slightly better ones i hope. (frame filling Gull wing moult!!!)

This 2cy Yellow legged gull was hanging about the lockwood. Note it has moulted about 40% of its wing coverts and ha begun moulting one or two tertials.

 Here it is again, looking leggy, Nice heavily marked scapulars too. you can see the replaced terial better here

I also recognised a bird that i had warily ID'd on this blog a couple of months back as a 2nd winter YLG, based on jizz and mantle tone but with reservations about the head and bill, it wasn't as advanced or brightly billed as others ive seen before of this age group. Its often in the same spot and i was glad to see it has now started getting yellow legs.  I couldnt get good enough photo.

next blog post should be jam packed with summer migrants... not gulls


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