Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Frisky Scaup

Had a quick pit-stop at the East Warwick today (before scooting up to Suffolk to visit the old folk and a convenient Waxwing round the corner to them). I wanted to see the female Scaup found at the weekend. Quite a flock of them developing, there seem to be more Pochard and more female Tufted Ducks arriving too, Spring is in the air.

The Scaup certainly thought so as the males were head-bobbing to the female and she was flirting with male Tufted Ducks and chasing off female Tufted Ducks. No wonder there are so many dodgy Scaup x Tufted Duck hybrids about!

A bit of an experiment with blogger and video now:

PW @birdingprof

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