Walthamstow Wild Mammal List

Mammals Recorded At Walthamstow

Walthamstow has birds; but it also has mammals - which are just as locally common or scarce as their avian counterparts are.

The Walthamstow mammal list at 28 is:

(n = native, i = introduced or naturalised, f = feral)


1 - Common Pipistrelle         n
2 - Soprano Pipistrelle          n
3 - Nathusius’ Pipistrelle      n
4 - Noctule                              n
5 - Daubenton’s bat               n
6 - Leiser’s bat                       n
7 - Natterer’s bat                   n

The London Bat Atlas is a good source of bat records: http://downloads.gigl.org.uk/London%20Bat%20Atlas.pdf


8 - Common Shrew               n
9 - Pygmy Shrew                   n
10 - Water Shrew****          n
11 - European Mole              n
12 - European Hedgehog      n


13 - Wood Mouse                  n
14 - House Mouse                 n
15 - Harvest Mouse*            n
16 - Bank Vole                      n
17 - Field Vole                       n
18 - Water Vole                     n
19 - Grey Squirrel                 i
20 - Brown Rat                      i


21 – Rabbit                            i


22 - Red Fox                          n
23 - Weasel                             n
24 - Stoat**                            n
25 - American Mink              i
26 - Ferret                              f
27 - Otter***                         n


28 - Reeves' Muntjac*****  i

*Walthamstow Marshes: The 1970s Survey has records of Harvest Mice stripping phalaris reed grass for nesting material. (The survey also records ferret) See link: http://www.clubplan.org/CMS/usr/20169/Publications/WalthamstowMarshesSurvey_1970s.PDF

**A single stoat ran north, along left hedgerow of concrete path in between paddocks and bomb crater field, 8 April 2015

***Otter spraint found at Walthamstow Reservoirs by ecologist, Graham White after they were reintroduced to Amwell and this news article citing Otter spraint being found on Walthamstow Marshes: https://www.hackneycitizen.co.uk/2013/08/28/otters-lea-valley/
Camera trap recordings also captured on northern sections of the patch 2018.

****Water Shrew recorded by Nathaniel Legall on the Bomb Crater Field of Walthamstow Marshes.

*****Reeves' Muntjac - 2 discovered by Sue Huckle on WaterWorks Nature Reserve April 2018

Badger has been claimed on Walthamstow (see below link). However, the Occupy badger 'sighting' is dubious to say the least and the ‘record’ dosen't make it onto the list.

Mammals which Walthamstow realistically could hold but have yet to be recorded:

Yellow Necked Mouse

The full 101 UK mammal species list can be found on The Mammal Society’s web page here: http://www.mammal.org.uk/species-hub/uk-mammal-list/

If there is evidence of further mammal records, please email walthamstowbirders@gmail.com or leave a comment. 



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