Sunday, 6 February 2011

From Nemesis to Revelation

With Lol this afternoon I suggested we checked the Banbury, a much neglected part of the patch. “You never know, the Red-breasted Merganser might be having a brief visit”, I said. It was.

My nemesis laid to rest, 21 years and a day since my last on patch (a drake on No.3). This female gets anywhere between the Lockwood and the Chingford reservoirs but today decided to grace us with its presence. Close by were 3 Goldeneye and 7 Goosander, 2 drakes.

I suggested we stray off patch to see if the Tottenham Waxwings were still around, a few side streets later and we were staring up at a Tree full of Waxwings, 64 was the highest number we could get, but they were not easy to count in the blustery conditions, they were easy to hear though, a constant trill filled the air.

A brainwave came to me that as we could see the pylon by the Lockwood from Tottenham perhaps we could see the Waxwings in the Tree from the Lockwood. Shameless poaching I know, but it seemed the only way to get Waxwing on the ‘seen from the patch’ list for the year. Needless to say after we went round to the Lockwood we couldn’t get the height needed to see our quarry. Does shame know no bounds though? Embrazened (yes I know the word doesn’t exist) by our poaching attempts we turned our ‘scopes to the South-west to see if we could have the Stoke Newington Peregrines but they too were a no show. Perhaps there is a moral there, ‘stick to the patch’

We bumped into Pete on the way out and he told us the Eider had relocated to the East Warwick and one of the Scaup was now on No.5. Apart from a Little Egret near the overflow channel to the South of the Lockwood that’s about your lot.

On this date: 06 02 10 Just 2 Snipe and a Green Sandpiper on the Waterworks N.R. No sign of the Scaup on Walthamstow, again. 5 Goldeneye and 2 Wigeon on the West Warwick.


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