Monday, 25 July 2011

Channel Island Cream

Not much about today really, but a few nice things here and there. I've attached a few crappy photos taken on my little digital, however i digi-binned the Dunlin and it looks not bad I think! There were a lot of Whitethroats, young and old everywhere, and a few Lessers too. I had the Dunlin, as well as at least 8 Common Sandpipers on the Lockwood.

There was an Oystercatcher on the banks of the High Maynard, the bird did a circuit and then landed on the roof of a nearby building. A single Meadow pipit was flushed from the banks of the High Maynard also and lots of Hirundines including a few Swallows over South.

I found a Jersey Tiger near No.5.

Jamie Partridge

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