Wednesday, 28 December 2011

If You Have Been....

All posts backwards from here are atom restored posts from the previous incarnation of the present blog (previously called 'Walthamstow Birding' - the pics seem to have been lost though).

....Thanks for Reading.

Especial thanks to Mark Pearson who set the blog up and encouraged us/me to run it. Thanks to the other (somewhat occasional, it must be said, but nevertheless much appreciated) contributors and photographers, who made this a more rounded out experience. Thanks to the Followers and those who have posted links elsewhere and to the celebrity endorsers (thanks for sharing your feelings too)

A special mention too for the hardworking patchers who have found and shared their Birds. Last, but by no means least, thanks to the readers, many of whom have offered help and encouragement over the months.

I have no doubt that the blog will one day rise again, I will do my best to get it adopted by the Country Park people when they move in, unless of course they have their own, or perhaps a new generation of Birders will take it on when the place is gentrified.

Finally a message to our sponsors, where were you?


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