Friday, 1 April 2011

I'll Take the Low Road (and you'll find the Warbler!)

I intended to go over to Walthamstow at some stage this morning but you know how it is one thing leads to another and before you know it you’re still at home and a Red Kite flies over!

It was really low and very slow, given the fairly strong South-westerly, giving me enough time to get a dodgy phone-shot, but not enough time for digi-binning.

Later on I did get over to the Waterworks where a singing Willow Warbler greeted me, sadly it was not so obliging when Lol appeared, but neither was the Blackcap that he had had earlier. On the marsh the Little Owls refused to give themselves up and the only thing of any note was a flyover Meadow Pipit and a small flock of Linnets.

On the reservoirs we were trailing Pete who had already heard Blackcap between No.2/3 and had some Sand Martins over the Lockwood. We picked up another Blackcap on the scrubby patch at the North of the East Warwick.

It was decision time as to whether to go round the West Warwick or even walk the long way around the East Warwick, we debated the merits.....It’s windy, we’re tired, it’s a long way, and we can’t be bothered.

Pete, however, did it and came up with the 2 Scaup still on the West Warwick and an early Sedge Warbler singing from Brambles by the railway and East Warwick. (This meant I had to go back later and try for the Sedge Warbler, it was four days earlier than my earliest) Not knowing at which end of the reservoir it was meant I walked to the end and virtually back again before hearing it behind me! That will teach me to take the easy route. I did get a flyover female Goosander and a superb low hunting female Peregrine for my troubles, as well as the Sedge Warbler.

Back around No.5 we had good views of the courting Kingfisher(s) another singing Blackcap and at least 9 Little Egrets on the No.1 island, now starting to give their weird ‘bubbling’ call. I picked up another medium sized Raptor getting mobbed by a couple of Crows but it disappeared before we could clinch it.

Needless to say we could find neither sight nor sound of the earlier reported Seal.


On this date: 01 04 91 At Walthamstow the first Wheatear [male] of the year and 2 Sand Martins. Also 6 Goosander and a female Pintail.

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