Sunday, 13 May 2018

Reeves' Muntjac

A new and first taxonomic species for the patch is always enjoyed and appreciated. 
But a new and first taxonomic order - now that's SPECIAL!

That Walthamstow record goes to Sue Huckle, 
with her 2 male REEVES' MUNTJAC at the WaterWorks NR.

Walthamstow Mammal #28: Reeves' Muntjac (species) - Artiodactyla (order)

 pic from video @suzehu

Sue's first sighting was on the 1st of April and her photos were not an April fool.

April 1st @suzehu
Sue's second sightings, a day later, left no doubt.

April 2nd @suzehu
And her videos of two different males sealed the deal!

To give the discovery some context, take a look at where 'order' is in relation to 'species' here:

Related image

Very well done, Sue!

The Walthamstow Mammal List can be found here: 


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