Sunday, 25 January 2015

Right strategy just poor execution

        A missed connection at Blackhorse Road meant a planned afternoon at Rainham was scrapped in favour of an unexpected second weekend visit to the reservoirs. It allowed me to test out the discussed group strategy - given PL's ability to find everything that turns up - of not bothering to look for birds ourselves and just following him around on a Sunday. I can report the strategy is good but you really need to man mark him for best results. We met up on East Warwick where the two immature Scaup were continuing their tour of the reservoirs. Pete reported that the adult Scaup was still on Lockwood while a pair of Stonechats remained on West Warwick.

        I went off to fail to see the Cetti's Warbler which was also recorded by MM on Monday while Pete went round No 5 and 4. By the time we met up, he had seen the first Wigeon of the year on No 5 and had a Mediterranean Gull fly north over him on No 4. I must have been able to see him when he found both birds. The Med was a winter adult so was not yesterday's bird but may well have been the same one he had at Lockwood last Sunday. We had a look for the Wigeon which a fisherman had flushed on the other southern reservoirs but there was no sign. On the plus side, I did add Pheasant to my Walthamstow year list .....
DB @porthkillier

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