Friday, 30 January 2015

It's a Numbers Game

Well this beats actually getting cold over the patch. I thought it would be interesting to see what the cumulative patch lists looked like over a five year period, (I could just about muster enough records to do this, don't ask for any further back!) so after quite a bit of searching through the London Wiki, London Bird Reports etc. Here it is, just scroll up to the next post, or if you're tired click here: The last five years

Not so shabby, 188 species. 114 of them annual, many more nearly annual. 22 species recorded only twice in five years and 25 only recorded in one of those years. Amazingly 26 species of Wader, just think how many more could have been seen, or how many of those 26 may have lingered, if we had a proper scrape to hold them!

Let me know if you spot any glaring omissions.

Sort of whetted my appetite now, I'd better go and have a look and see if I can see some actual birds...

PW @birdingprof

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