Saturday, 2 January 2016

Not too shabby at all

The weather map suggested there might just be a rain-free window for a trot round Lockwood early morning to catch up on what I missed yesterday when the reservoirs were closed. Three female and a drake Goldeneye, along with a drake and female Goosander were expected. Slightly less so was the drake Scaup halfway up the east bank which had not been reported for a few days.
      As it turned out, the rain held off long enough for me to look at No 4 and 5 as well. A Common Sandpiper was in the NW corner of No 5 which then flipped over to No 4 which held the drake and two female Goosanders seen earlier by SF. As I was watching the Common Sand, I looked up to see my second wader of the year with a Lapwing high overhead. I had the same luck when watching the the Barnacle Goose feeding on the playing fields and heard and saw a Fieldfare in the trees along the overflow channel. Up to 60 species already with several species it took me weeks to catch up with last year already in the bag. If the weather allows a walk around the Warwicks tomorrow, I should just about beat last year's total for the first weekend.  
DB @porthkillier

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  1. You can't count Barnacle Goose!! We've got a Farmyard Duck on one of our ponds that will have to go on the list if this is how you're going to play it!!