Friday, 1 January 2016


No, yes, I'm not sure? 

Sue and I met up this morning to get the 2016 list started. The Prof had made a head start on us and had already got the female stonechat that Sue later picked out. The horseshoe thicket was alive with goldcrests and song thrushes. A siskin was heard over the raptor hill. The rear paddocks held a small flock of linnet. 

We bumped into Mike in the WaterWorks. A peregrine falcon perched in a pylon before gliding off towards the ex pitch and putt field. A common snipe flew out of bed 18 and three lesser redpoll fed in birches.

A small flock of around ten meadow pipit were on the ex pitch and putt field and three jackdaw were in leyton tip.

A respectable 61 birds in total were seen between the four of us.

61. Common Gull (1-Jan)
60. Lesser Redpoll (1-Jan)
59. Siskin (1-Jan)
58. Linnet (1-Jan)
57. Collared Dove (1-Jan)
56. Great Spotted Woodpecker (1-Jan)
55. Goldcrest (1-Jan)
54. House Sparrow (1-Jan)
53. Green Woodpecker (1-Jan)
52. Meadow Pipit (1-Jan)
51. Peregrine Falcon (1-Jan)
50. Kingfisher (1-Jan)
49. Grey Wagtail (1-Jan)
48. Cetti's Warbler (1-Jan)
47. Common Snipe (1-Jan)
46. Grey Heron (1-Jan)
45. Pochard (1-Jan)
44. Great Crested Grebe (1-Jan)
43. Stonechat (1-Jan)
42. Canada Goose (1-Jan)
41. Greylag Goose (1-Jan)
40. Egyptian Goose (1-Jan)
39. Little Egret (1-Jan)
38. Robin (1-Jan)
37. Great Tit (1-Jan)
36. Chiffchaff (1-Jan)
35. Little Grebe (1-Jan)
34. Song Thrush (1-Jan)
33. Mute Swan (1-Jan)
32. Rose-ringed Parakeet (1-Jan)
31. Blue Tit (1-Jan)
30. Long-tailed Tit (1-Jan)
29. Jackdaw (1-Jan)
28. Greater Black-backed Gull (1-Jan)
27. Lesser Black-backed Gull (1-Jan)
26. Shelduck (1-Jan)
25. Greenfinch (1-Jan)
24. Kestrel (1-Jan)
23. Goldfinch (1-Jan)
22. Pied Wagtail (1-Jan)
21. Starling (1-Jan)
20. Mistle Thrush (1-Jan)
19. Cormorant (1-Jan)
18. Chaffinch (1-Jan)
17. Shoveler (1-Jan)
16. Gadwall (1-Jan)
15. Tufted Duck (1-Jan)
14. Moorhen (1-Jan)
13. Coot (1-Jan)
12. Sparrowhawk (1-Jan)
11. Dunnock (1-Jan)
10. Wren (1-Jan)
9. Teal (1-Jan)
8. Mallard (1-Jan)
7. Blackbird (1-Jan)
6. Wood Pigeon (1-Jan)
5. Magpie (1-Jan)
4. Pigeon (1-Jan)
3. Carrion Crow (1-Jan)
2. Black-headed Gull (1-Jan)
1. Herring Gull (1-Jan)

GH - @leevalleybirder
SH - @suzehu
Mike M

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